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World Refugee Day digital toolkit

World Refugee Day resources

“Say hello” language cards

What is a refugee? comic strip

Read about the 1980 Refugee Act, which created the U.S. Refugee Admissions program

Books by refugee authors

Children’s books about refugees

Watch a TED talk about the refugee experience

Watch  Midnight Traveler, a documentary about a family fleeing Afghanistan. (Available for rent or to purchase on Youtube.)

Listen to a Spotify playlist of music from around the world

Recipes from around the world

IRAQ: Carrot Rice – a delicious rice dish with carrots, onions, and beef

SYRIA: Jaj Bi Hamed (Baked chicken with lemon & garlic) – crispy meat on a bed of potatoes and onions

SUDAN: Bamya (Okra stew) – a tasty stew of okra with meat in an onion and tomato base

BURUNDI: Chapati and Beans and Bananas – a flaky African flatbread served with a simple, sweet and savory vegetarian dish of beans.

AFGHANISTAN: Kebab e Murgh – chicken kebab marinated in yogurt, best served with flatbread.

CONGO: Moambe – peanut-based chicken and tomato stew, delicious with rice and plantain chips.

COLOMBIA: Papa turmada – baked potato casserole with sausage

UKRAINE: Galushki – savory dumplings, similar to gnocchi