Bridge Refugee Services statement in support of our new Americans from Ukraine and their families

A tragedy is unfolding in real time, and while the invasion of Ukraine’s soil may seem halfway around the world, the consequences are very real here in our East Tennessee homes. Over the years since early 1980, Bridge resettled and served hundreds of refugees from Ukraine helping them to rebuild their lives after suffering persecution. The last family to arrive in East Tennessee through Bridge was welcomed one day before the war started.

This war will cause thousands to lose their lives and suffer the loss of their dignity, their hope, their opportunity. 

We at Bridge are dedicated to welcoming those who have undergone the journey so many may now face. We believe in and strive towards a world where the newest members of our community arrive with resources in place to secure the next stages of their lives. We offer our thoughts and prayers as well as our commitment to welcome those in need of protection.

While this is a time for condemnation, this is also a time for compassion. While this is a time of fear, this is also a time of family. While this is a time to feel astonishment, this is also a time to rise to action. Open your hearts and minds. Continue to welcome our new community members. Continue to bring light and love where others would bring darkness. Continue to support our mission.