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Knoxville: (865) 540-1311 Chattanooga: (423) 954-1911

Job Opportunities

Bridge Refugee Services, Inc.

Job Description: Part Time Financial Manager, 25 hours a week, flexible schedule


  • Bachelor’s degree in an accounting field, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 5 years of Accounting experience
  • Experience in managing accounting systems including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll
  • Experience in budget preparation, management , analysis and reporting
  • Experience in managing and monitoring state and federal contracts and reporting requirements
  • Experience in financial management with a nonprofit organization preferred, but not required.


  • Develop and implement financial policy and accounting procedures
  • Prepare federal payroll tax reports and state unemployment tax reports
  • Prepare W-2s, W-3s, 1099s, and 1096s as required by IRS
  • Prepare miscellaneous tax returns, surveys, and financial information forms as requested
  • Develop internal expense reporting forms, payroll personnel forms, timesheets, and other administrative forms necessary for business reporting
  • Maintain financial supporting documentation and files, including copies of checks, invoices, contracts, and leases
  • Monitor daily cash balance and move funds between savings and checking as needed
  • Monitor financial transactions and expenditures to assure they comply with company policies and procedures
  • Prepare accounts payable checks
  • Prepare payroll checks
  • Reconcile the checking account; follow-upon outstanding checks
  • Prepare billing to TOR, EMM-IRP, CWS-IRP, CWS-MG, and EMM-MG
  • Monitor the receipt of incoming cash from billings; follow-up on late receipts
  • Prepare monthly general journal entries
  • Update monthly accruals for payables and receivable
  • Prepare monthly financial statements, and share them with the Board of Directors
  • Participate in quarterly board meetings, or any meeting with board members as requested, to discuss financial statements and budgets, and respond to questions that arise
  • Compare and monitor budget to actual results
  • Close out accounts at year-end, prepare year-end trial balance, and enter the post- closing entries as determined by the independent auditor
  • Prepare annual audit schedules, analyze confirmations and audit samples in cooperation with the independent auditor
  • Implement recommendations made by independent auditors and federal monitors
  • Maintain good working relationships with financial staff of our funding sources and with our bank representatives
  • Report on finances, present financial statements and budgets to Board of Directors, and respond to their questions and direction
  • Other assignments as requested by Executive Director and/or Board of Directors

Salary: $ 25- $30/hour based on the experience.

Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director

Location: Knoxville, TN 3839 Buffat Mill Rd

How to apply: Send your resume, a cover letter and three references including one of your supervisors to the Executive Director, Drocella Mugorewera at