Hire a Refugee

Employment Partner, The Mad Priest Coffee Roasters, of Chattanooga

What are the benefits to local employers who hire newcomers admitted as refugees?

  • Applicants are fully authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service to work immediately upon entry to the US.
  • Applicants are often eager to begin working.
  • Applicants bring a variety of skills and experience.
  • Applicants are pre-screened to match job openings.
  • Applicants receive coaching and interpretation services during the application and orientation process.
  • Bridge Refugee Services provides placement assistance free of charge.
  • No Sponsorship-Visa required.

Refugees have a wide variety of skills, assets, experience, and cultural views that can aid in a work environment, improve business, and and inspire staff through their work ethic and personal narratives.

East Tennessee has already benefited from the skills, creativity, and dedication of refugees throughout the years.

If you are interested in hiring a refugee or your business working with our Employment program, please contact:


Charissa Rivera
(865) 540-1311, ext. 7


Marina Peshterianu
(423) 954-1911