Knoxville: (865) 540-1311
| Chattanooga: (423) 954-1911
Knoxville: (865) 540-1311 Chattanooga: (423) 954-1911


Bridge works closely with local colleges and universities to provide unique, culturally-diverse internships to students in a wide range of fields. Although internships are unpaid, positions are competitive, and prospective applicants are encouraged to approach this as you would a job. Internships positions include opportunities in the resettlement program, administrative work, employment program, community development, and orientations for newly arriving families.

Interns gain valuable insight into nonprofit work and refugee resettlement. Internships for Chattanooga are coordinated with the Associate Director, Marina Peshterianu. Internships for Knoxville are coordinated with the Program Manager, Katie Weber.

Time Commitment: Start and end dates are flexible.

The Chattanooga office is currently interns for the summer of 2019:

August 1 – August 30.

Chattanooga summer interns must have reliable transportation and be available 15+ hours a week.


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