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Knoxville: (865) 540-1311
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Bridge Refugee Services


East Tennessee Refugees Need Your Help Now

Bridge Refugee Services needs your immediate help.

On January 27th, President Trump signed an executive order to suspend refugee resettlement for 120 days and block all entry from seven predominantly Muslim countries for at least 90 days.

While the order has been challenged and temporarily blocked by a judicial ruling, the resulting uncertainty and impact on our services is potentially devastating. To continue providing services to refugees in East Tennessee, we need your help, and right away.


You see, these actions affect not only refugees currently seeking shelter in our great country, but also the refugees who are already here.

From last year, up today, Bridge Refugee Services helped resettle more than 400 refugees in Knoxville and Chattanooga, and they still rely on our services while adjusting to American life.

They are on the road to self-sufficiency, but they still need our help. And now we need yours.


With you by our side, we can continue to help people of all faiths and nationalities who fled their war-torn homes for better lives right here in East Tennessee.

By donating now, you’re making a major impact. You’re providing housing, household items, food, and medical care.

You’re giving children tutoring, bilingual counseling services, and the chance to participate in after-school and summer programs so they can thrive in their new community.

And you’re providing job readiness training, placement assistance, interpretation services, and post-employment support, all vital to building independence and self-sufficiency for our new neighbors.


Thank you for taking part in America’s proud tradition of welcoming refugees.



Drocella Mugorewera

Executive Director.