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September 28, 2017

Message from the Executive Director of Bridge Refugee Services on Refugee Admission FY2018

Though the Fiscal Year 2017 has been very challenging, with the support from our amazing welcoming communities we resettled 122 new refugees in Knoxville and 73 in Chattanooga and assisted many who moved to our cities from other states. Just this month we had a privilege to reunite a client with his wife and 6 children here in Knoxville after almost three years of painful separation. Last week we reunited a family with their parents and sibling in Chattanooga.

This program brings families together and saves lives of the most vulnerable refugees, those who are determined to have no hope of returning home, among them are widowed mothers, orphaned children, survivors of torture …

We are disappointed by the historically low refugee admission of 45,000 proposed for Fiscal Year 2018, but seeing the impact of this program on the lives of refugees Bridge, remains committed to our mission of helping the world’s most at risk population and ready to accept new arrivals. In the year ahead, we will need support of our communities more than ever before. If you believe in refugee resettlement, now is the time to act. Reach out and volunteer, co-sponsor, donate, email your representatives to express support for refugees and to urge expansion of numbers the USA commits to accept.

Let’s continue American legacy of welcoming refugees.


Drocella Mugorewera

Executive Director