Knoxville: (865) 540-1311
| Chattanooga: (423) 954-1911
Knoxville: (865) 540-1311 Chattanooga: (423) 954-1911


Bridge Refugees Services is a non-profit organization that operates on donations from people like you to help preserve dignity, bring hope and opportunity to people who need it most. Your donations support in-depth and personalized services–a vehicle to self-sufficiency, reduction of government reliance, and community integration. If you would like to donate monetarily, you may do any of the following:

Donate Now

Donate directly to Bridge Refugee Services by making a payment with your credit card.


Charity Shopping

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Bridge Refugee Services Inc.
A little change can lead to big change. Automatically give to Bridge Refugee Services Inc. while shopping online at ULTA, Office Depot, and Gap. It’s free!

Send a Check

Mail a check or drop off your donation directly!


Amazon Smile

Sign up for Amazon Smile and a portion of each purchase will be donated to Bridge Refugee Services.


Kroger Card

Enroll into the Kroger Community Reward program and a portion of all items purchased using a Kroger card will be donated to Bridge Refugee Services.


In-Kind Donation Guidelines:

Bridge Refugee Services greatly appreciates donations of needed items for refugees’ homes. Donations for their new homes helps refugees by creating a warm and welcoming home that fosters feelings of safety, and demonstrates the local community’s values. Due to our limited storage space, please contact us before bringing donations to the office to confirm that we have need and space for your donations. It may be more beneficial to donate home items to KARM in our name.

Please e-mail the Volunteer Manager for donations to the Knoxville office,  and Jennifer Croxall for the Chattanooga office.

Suggested Items:

• Baking dishes
• Bath Towels (preference-new)
• Bed sheets (New only, twin or double size)
• Bicycles
• Bowls
• Bus Passes
• Cars
• Cell Phones (New Only)
• Clothing Storage (i.e. plastic 3-drawer cart)
• Couches
• Deodorant (New only)
• Dining Chairs

• Dining Tables
• Disposable Razors (New only, both men’s and women’s)
• Dressers
• Forks
• Feminine Hygiene Products
• Glasses
• Kitchen Utensils (Spatulas, Serving Spoons, Can Openers, Tongs)
• Knives (both silverware and kitchen knives)
• Lamps
• Loveseats
• Mixing bowls
• Mattresses (New Only)

• Over the counter pain medication (i.e ibuprofen, Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol, New only)
• Paper Towels
• Pans
• Pillows (New only)
• Plates
• Pots
• Radios
• Regular Shoes and Boots
• Shampoo (New only)
• Shower curtains
• Soap (New only)
• Spoons
• Toilet Paper
• Toothbrushes (New only)
• Toothpaste (New only)
• Umbrellas

DUE TO LIMITED STORAGE SPACE, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO DROP OFF DONATED ITEMS!  In Knoxville: Donating items to KARM in our name, benefits our clients by allowing us to purchase items at the time of need.